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We are offering day trips to various destinations combined various activities.

Visit several temple sites in the nearer proximity, for example the Galapatha Raja Maha Temple, the Brief Garden with its interesting botanical and design characteristics, a cinnamon plantation offering fascinating insights into harvesting this valuable spice, or a moonstone mine with an adjoining gem grinding shop which will provide you some insights into the hard work in the numerous mines of this land which is rich in precious and semi-precious stones.

Do a boat excursion to the mangrove woods near Ahungalla including a trip to the local fish farms. Visit a temple island with a Buddhist monastery. Watch the hunting seahawks or the swimming or resting warans near the shore.

Join a diving excursion to Hikkaduwa or do some snorkeling at the nearby coral reef.

Experienced divers will have the opportunity to participate in exploring a shipwreck.

Combine these trips with a foray to Galle featuring an impressive fortress structure and an picturesque historical downtown section built during the Dutch colonial era.

Rent surf boards or sea kajaks in Unawatuna, one of the most poüular and protected beaches in Southern Sri Lanka.